Security Shredding for Private Individuals

It is not only companies and public bodies who need to take the necessary precautions when it comes to managing their confidential information and shredding papers. Each and every one of us needs to take full responsibility for the destruction of our printed personal information. At home we all generate paperwork which contains personal information such as bills, banking letters, insurance quotes, receipts, medical or financial records. Identity theft is a growing industry for globally connected crime gangs, and if your records get into these peoples possession it can cost you both money and dignity.

Criminals can gain sensitive information from documents that are not properly disposed of. Protect yourself against opportunistic ID thieves who might be prowling in your wheelie bin for useful personal details. Identity fraud is growing within Ireland so put the relevant procedures in place to ensure you do not become another statistic.

We understand that individuals have busy family and working schedules, sometime office hours are just not possible, so with this in mind at McKenna Security Shredding all our shredding solutions are tailored to each individual requirements. Visits can be arranged outside of office hours or over weekends. These tailored solutions can be provided at extremely competitive costs. You really can’t afford to take any risks with your personal confidential information.

Our chain of custody remains unbroken from the moment we arrive to collect your confidential shredding papers, through to the complete secure destruction of your records.

When you partner with McKenna Security Shredding you can be assured that security is 100% guaranteed. All shredding papers are then recycled so you can have confidence that our solutions are environmentally sustainable. You are doing your bit for the environment as no material enters landfill or incinerating plants with any of our shredding solutions.

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