On Site Document Shredding

Why On Site Document Shredding:

On site document shredding is proven to be the most secure service which can be provided to ensure total data security from the beginning of the process until the final destruction of your data. On site shredding gives you peace of mind as you can personally oversee the process at your premises.

Step 1

Book your On Site Shredding Service using our online Booking tool or contact our team on 0419823945 / [email protected]

Step 2

On the agreed date our vetted, fully trained operatives will arrive at your premises ready to collect your confidential material and transport directly to our on site shredding vehicle where it is weighed and destroyed immediately.

Our on site shredding vehicle is fitted with GPS tracking and also has CCTV. We take full responsibility for the integrity of your confidential material as it moves through our process. Our operatives are rigorously trained to guarantee complete security.

Step 3

After completion of your on-site document shredding our operative will then provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Step 4

Once transported back to our fully licensed waste facility all shredded material is compacted and baled into 1000kg bales ready for exporting to the paper Mills that then recycle all the material.

It has never been easier to schedule your service

In order to book your On or Off-Site shredding service all you need to do is provide us with some basic information and we will be on site before you know it.

If you are interested in our Regular Shredding Service contact us today to discuss your needs:

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