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We all have a duty of care to the environment with our paper disposal – in order to preserve our natural resources it is vital that every one of us individually, and also collectively within corporate organisations, make sensible decisions that improve our planet’s environment with the goal to reduce our shared carbon footprint.

In the Western World we consume massive volumes of paper in our day to day lives which is having a detrimental effect on our environment and tree population. Shredding is an environmentally friendly and safe solution for disposing of your confidential waste. Important factual statistics to note are that 1ton of recycled paper disposal saves 17 mature Trees and by recycling paper we not only prevent additional trees being cut down but the production of recycled paper produces 73% less air pollution than making paper from the raw materials from standard paper disposal.
You can directly improve our environment and contribute to a more sustainable planet by recycling all the paper you use and with this in mind it is your duty of care to securely recycle your confidential waste through a trusted Security Shredding Specialist who recycles.

At McKenna Security Shredding we have a zero tolerance approach to landfill. All material that enters our vehicles is 100% recycled. We work with our clients to give them an understanding of the importance of creating knowledge about what happens to their shredded paper. Any paper that you place in the rubbish bin is generally sent to landfill with your domestic waste provider. We can help educate your staff to understand why they should direct all paper disposal into recycling streams as part of your recycling policy. This can also be included as part of a Carbon Reduction Strategy.

The Environmental benefits for recycled paper disposal

  • Reducing greenhouse gasses
  • Conserving energy and water resources
  • Minimizing chemical use
  • Decreasing pollution and solid waste
  • Protecting our precious forests

Building a healthier planet is a shared responsibility.  As your local shredding services provider, McKenna Security Shredding is committed to your business and the environment.

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