On Site Document Shredding

On Site Shredding


On site document shredding is proven to be the most secure service which can be provided to ensure total data security from the beginning of the process until the final destruction of your data. Contact McKenna Security Shredding, a family run shredding company with over 30 years experience in the industry, to find out more about our mobile, on site shredding services.


Step by Step On Site Document Shredding:


On Site Shredding - Step 1

Need on site document shredding? Call our customer services team, who will then arrange for your local dedicated account manager to call to your site in order to assess your requirements. Your account manager will survey your premises to identify the most cost effective solution for gathering and storing material securely on site. He/she will also explain the different on site shredding services provided which will give you all the necessary information required for you to decide whether you want to proceed with an On Site Shredding Service or Off Site Shredding Service.



On Site Shredding - Step 2


At this stage both the type of shredding service required and the visit schedule will be agreed, ie. the frequency, dates and times of visits which will be tailored to each individual customers’ needs. Visits can be arranged outside of office hours or over weekends if required. From this initial assessment we will ensure the correct-sized vehicle and on site shredding equipment is sent, in particular for premises with tight access. For scheduled/regular service we supply locked receptacles for you to insert confidential data. Alternatively, for one-off or ad hoc customers we supply securely marked sacks.



On Site Shredding - Step 3

From this point on there is no need to contact us as we will now attend site on designated days to perform the agreed on site document shredding tasks required. On the designated days our vetted, fully uniformed operatives will collect your confidential material from the locked receptacles and transport directly to our on site shredding vehicle where it is weighed and destroyed immediately. Our on site shredding vehicle is fitted with GPS tracking and also has CCTV. We take full responsibility for the integrity of your confidential material as it moves through our process. Our operatives are rigorously trained to guarantee complete security.




On Site Shredding - Step 4


After completion of your on site document shredding our operative will then provide you with a Certificate of Destruction. With our on site shredding we guarantee professionalism, speed and efficiency, while never compromising security. On site shredding gives you peace of mind as you can personally oversee the process at your premises.



On Site Shredding - Step 5

All shredded material is compacted and baled into 1000kg bales at our fully licensed waste facility and then transported for exporting to paper mills abroad. This process is environmentally friendly as all shredded material is recycled into paper based products.



On Site Shredding

On Site Shredding


On Site Document Shredding | On Site Shredding

On Site Shredding Document

On Site Shredding Document