It is important to understand what Permits your Shredding contractor actually holds before deciding on the company to use.

Waste Facility Permit | Paper Shredding |

Waste Facility Permit | Paper Shredding |

Some smaller shredding contractors do not hold a Waste Facility Permit. In this case as the company does not have a physical premises or facility, the shredding company has to off load their shredded material into an approved waste facility whereby the shredding material is baled and exported for recycling. In the case of Off Site shredding some of these smaller operators can actually drop un-shredded confidential material into an approved waste facility in a third party agreement. In this scenario the shredding contractor loses control of the service provided to the customer and cannot guarantee the material is destructed to the highest standards.

At McKenna Security Shredding t/a McKenna Security Shredding we hold a Waste Facility Permit which means we have full control of your shredding material from the start of the process to the end of the process no matter whether it is On Site or Off Site Shredding Service. We have a secured Waste Facility whereby Off Site Services are carried out.

Before you choose your Shredding Contractor ask the question whether they are compliant with the legal requirement of successfully obtaining a Waste Collection Permit and also whether they hold a Waste Facility Permit.

The process of applying for a Waste Facility Permit ensures that the company meets all necessary criteria;

Waste Facility Permit

  • Relevant level of Insurance is in place.
  • Public liability up to €6,500,000
  • Company is tax compliant.
  • Directors of the company have no previous convictions relating to miss management of waste or stricken off as directors previously in their careers.
  • Financial declaration to confirm company is financially sound.
  • Technical Competence with qualified and experienced staff to manage recycled waste.

McKenna Security Shredding meets all of the above;

Our National Waste Facility Permit Number is- WFP-MH-10-0011-02

Our Waste Facility is based in East Commons, Drogheda Rd, Duleek, Co Meath, strategically located just off the M1 motorway with quick access to Dublin and North East of the country.

See ink below to National Waste Permit Office website showing all waste types which McKenna Security Shredding are permitted to recycle on their secured facility.

With over 30years experience within the waste management and document shredding industry we take pride in our continued push to ensure our customers have access to the best waste management solutions which results in a greener environment. We have designed best practices in shredding your confidential paper whether you decide on using our On Site Mobile Shredding Service or Off Site Shredding service, either way you can be assured that your material will be shredded to the highest standards.

Waste Facility Permits are monitored by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

Call today and we will advise you on best methods of keeping your confidential information safe.

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Written by Eugene McKenna