Q. Does McKenna Security Shredding offer one-off collections or do I have to be a regular customer?

McKenna Security Shredding understands that waste disposal is not required all of the time, which is why we are happy to shred your documents regularly or when is required with our one-off collections.


Q. What is the difference between a recycling company and a confidential paper shredding service?

A recycling company primarily recycles but is not designed to comply with privacy legislations surrounding confidential paper shredding. McKenna Security Shredding goes one step beyond a recycling service and ensures all confidential paper shredding has been completely destroyed into tiny fragments which are so small that no data can ever be recovered before they are recycled.





Q. Why shouldn’t we just use our own in-house shredding facilities?

Outsourcing your confidential paper shredding to McKenna Security Shredding is proven to be the most cost effective method and can increase staff output as staff can waste valuable time separating documents and removing papers clips and staples whilst using small office shredders which are slow and get jammed regularly. McKenna Security Shredding can perform confidential paper shredding in minutes, as opposed to hours.





Q. What happens to shredded paper?

Once your material has been collected and shredded into tiny fragments which are so small that no data can ever be recovered. All material is bailed into 1000kg bales in our licensed confidential paper shredding facility and exported to paper mills abroad. All recycled paper then contributes to the production of various paper products such as toilet paper and paper based products.


Do you provide a confidential paper shredding service to individuals?

Yes, we provide a confidential paper shredding service for private individuals as well as companies and organisations. We can arrange for shredding to be carried out at your household or else collect your confidential documents and shred at our licensed facility.

How do I pay for your services?

We invoice all our customers following the completion of the shredding, though if you wish you can pay by cheque on the day.


What happens to the paper after it is shredded?

All paper is exported and 100% recycled in paper mills. Upon arrival at a paper mill the material enters bleach baths in order to remove any ink which in turn adds further security and peace of mind to our customers. The recycling process is environmentally friendly which in turn reduces your carbon footprint.



How much notice do I need to give?

We are in most areas every week so the longest you would ever be waiting is one week. If you have an emergency we will ensure to fit you in.


How long will the job take?

Our on site shredder can shred up to 1500kg in one hour, this is 40x faster than office shredders.

How do you charge?

We charge by weight so all confidential material is weighed before destruction. If required we can agree a set price before hand.



Confidential Paper Shredding

Confidential Paper Shredding


confidential paper shredding | Paper Shredding Confidential

confidential paper shredding | Paper Shredding Confidential